Brick Lane Multiculturalism

#2: Multiculturalism & The British Dream?

In this episode of Debrief, part of a week-long series on multiculturalism, Jamiesha Majevadia is joined by David Goodhart, Director of the London-based think tank Demos.


Brick Lane Multiculturalism


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David & Jamiesha discuss issues of multiculturalism, racism and extremism in Britain. Is Britain, to use Trevor Philips’ words, sleepwalking into segregation? Is there a ‘Muslim problem’ in the UK? Is Islamophobia as rampant as we are led to believe?


David is the director of Demos, a London-based think tank. He is editor-at-large of Prospect magazine, which he founded in 1995 and grew into Britain’s leading current affairs monthly. An established broadcaster, author, commentator and journalist, David regularly contributes to some of Britain’s leading newspapers including the Guardian, the Independent, the Times and the Financial Times.

4 thoughts on “#2: Multiculturalism & The British Dream?”

    1. @William K BS, the UK is as racist as it always has been. What we expierence today is  the Empire all over again, just domestically. The Master is sitting in his gent club and the underlings are slaving away to serve him. 

  1. @MS13 No it is NOT. Britain has progressed massively – yes there are tons of statistics on how well ethnic minorities do in work, school etc but its more the feeling that those number demonstrate – far fewer people today feel they’re cheated out of jobs, pay increases, promotion, and opportunity through race. More people than ever feel they live in a mixed (and happy) community. 

  2. I would disagree with Mr. Goodhart’s assessment of Islamophobia. While it is not a large movement or ‘institutionalised’ (and groups such as the BNP are on the decline), I would argue that it is quite real and any kind of virulent or violent intolerance only goes to feed the flames of extremism on the other side.  Right-wing extremists and Islamists are promoting the same narrative, that there is a culture war and people need to choose a side. The best thing we can do as proponents of liberal democracy (through policy and our personal actions) is to show that this war is invented. 

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