2012: Not A Bad Year For TheRiskyShift.com

2012 has been a pretty amazing year for theriskyshift.com. Since launching on the 14th January, we have had 93,981 visitors from 202 countries, notching up a total of 225,893 pageviews. Not bad, eh?




Of the 430 articles published in 2012 on theriskyshift.com, the top ten most-read were:

  1. ‘Innocence of Muslims’ ‘Offends’ Muslims. ‘Well So Fucking What?’, by Peter Kelly
  2. A Muslim’s Reaction To ‘Innocence of Muslims’: ‘Well, So Fucking What?‘, by Tasbiah Akhtar
  3. East Asian Sea: China, Japan & The Diaoyu Island (Parts 1 & 2), by Hsin-Yi Lo
  4. ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Rioting Has Nothing To Do With Religion, by Lucy Thirkell
  5. The Security Implications of Arctic Sovereignty, by Samuel Lewendon
  6. A Rough Week For The English Defence League, by Jill Hallgren
  7. Iran’s Currency Crisis: Why The Revolutionary Guards Will Win, by Sam Ferdowsi
  8. Is Iraq The Only War Tony Blair Should Be On Trial For, by Harry Martisius
  9. UFOs, The “Unknown Unknowns”, & IR Theory, by Giuseppe Paparella
  10. Survival Of The Fittest Students: It’s ‘Fucked Up’, by Anastasia Kyriacou (also the winner of our October competition)

Many thanks to all our staff members, contributors and readers. To a successful 2013!


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