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Bad Food is BAD


It seems as though BBC News has adopted the Daily Mail’s ‘everything gives you Cancer’ theme, with their incessant publications based on the idea that bad food is unhealthy. Take for instance their latest piece entitled Fast-food linked to childhood asthma and eczmain which they disclosed a colossal finding:

“Evidence suggests that the vitamins and antioxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables have a beneficial effect on asthma therefore Asthma UK advises people with asthma to eat a healthy, balanced diet including five portions of fruit or vegetables every day.”

Five a day and a balanced diet could improve our health? There’s news, and then there’s plain obvious. According to the BBC the population isn’t just overweight, it’s stupid too.

A previous article on the topic highlighted how asthmatics are also more likely to be overweight, due to the ‘inactivity asthma encourages’. They look at a study conducted in 2007 consisting of 330,00 people and they found that for every normal weight person with asthma, there were 1.5 who were overweight or obese. (As if half people need even more problems).

I’m getting mixed messages here, BBC News. So if one has asthma, one has a perfectly valid excuse for being obese. If one does not have asthma but eats lots of naughty food, one could potentially get asthma. The only sensible conclusion that can be made here therefore, is that if one already has asthma, one should simply ‘fuck it’ and eat all the shit one likes, because chances are one will be fat anyway. YOLO.


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9 thoughts on “Bad Food is BAD”

  1. One of the biggest issues over here is that the media is now afraid to tackle issues on obesity, but so is the government.

    There is a massive snack culture in the UK which did not exist before the 70’s, this came over here thanks to the Americans who love to snack.

    Common sense and basic knowledge has disappeared from the food buying public, the horse scandal is a classic case. People expected quality from a product which was filled with shite, id much rather eat the horse meat than the crap in them.

    1. Haha you’re a joker Stelios. And of course you’d rather eat horse meat… You’re Greek!

      The problem isn’t snacking … it’s binge eating. Too many empty sugar filled calorie snacks are detrimental because they appeal to kids the most from a young age.

      I don’t think the media or government is afraid to tackle obesity, I just feel as though they step on eggshells in order not to upset the big mass producing corporations which brings the bread home.

  2. Anastasia to your first point i am cypriot (is that being pedantic?).

    I think the whole obesity debate is a massive one, which is also linked to many other aspects of life and the change in peoples habits.

    The issue with the GOVT is that they are not tackling it in a common sense way, the traffic light system is not perfect and even if it was manufacturers and supermarkets haven’t adopted it.

    Interesting article Ludo..

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