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Birds, Polar Bears, Hippos, A Creep & Miss Alabama

At risk of changing the entire ethos of this site, I thought I’d post something a little more lighthearted than usual today, simply because I’ve come across some absolute gems that I wanted to share.

First off, there was this. This bird can mimic chainsaws, opera, and the Amen Break. In other words, it’s more talented than you.


Then there is the absolute bizarreness of these polar bears playing with dogs. And it’s not just a one-off, they come back every year to do it!


Jessica the friendly hippo – “she’s like a daughter to me”.


In case you aren’t familiar, this is what hippos are normally like around humans:


And which species to best end with than the human race. Can you get much creepier than this? Read about it here.

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