Sports Predictions For 2013

Sport is the great unifier and divider around the world. Here are my best guesses for 2013:

  1. World Junior Hockey Championships: United States defeats Russia for the Gold Medal; Canada takes Bronze
  2. English Premiership: Manchester United
  3. Serie A: Juventus
  4. Liga: Barcelona
  5. Champions League: Barcelona
  6. BCS Champion: Alabama beat Notre Dame
  7. NFL: The Denver Broncos beat the Atlanta Falcons to win the Superbowl
  8. NBA: The Oklahoma City Thunder beat
  9. the Miami Heat in 6 Games
  10. NCAA College Basketball: The University of Indiana beats Duke
  11. Major League Baseball: The Detroit Tigers beat the LA Dodgers in 6 Games
  12. NHL: The season is canceled due to the lockout.


Photo credit: Gnews pics

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