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#10: What Do You Think Of David Cameron?

A few months ago we ran a piece asking for contributions to a piece of artwork from Annemarie Wright based on public opinion of David Cameron…. and here it is! Those of you in Birmingham will be able to see it in the flesh at the Number Nine Gallery throughout the Conservative Party Conference and if you are interested you can download an ebook of the comments here. You can download a (much) larger version here to view the individual comments that make up the piece. Share away!

#10: What do you think of David Cameron?
Credit: Annemarie Wright

#9: Austerity Protests

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“I chose this photo because it conveys the violent intensity of the ongoing anti-austerity protests and, while the composition of the photo is chaotic and blurred it still frames the protester cleanly in the middle of the riot police.”
Torie Rose DeGhett (@trdeghett)

#9: A demonstrator struggles with Spanish National Police riot officers outside the Spanish parliament in Madrid, Sept. 25, 2012.
Credit: Sergio Perez / Reuters via NBCNews.

#7: The Paralympics

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I picked this photograph because the distortions caused by the heat are just so beautiful. It’s one of quite a handful of fabulous photographs that have come out of London’s Paralympics this year.”
Torie Rose DeGhett (@trdeghett)

#7: Kuwait’s Ahmad Almutairi competes in the men’s 200m T34 round 1 heat 2 in front of the Paralympic Flame.
Credit: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images via The Guardian.

#6: Iranian Earthquake

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“I picked this photo because it captures both the dusty chaos of the earthquake’s aftermath, and an up close still image of the individual pain it caused.”
Torie Rose DeGhett (@trdeghett)

#6: A woman mourns as rescue teams search for victims in Varzaqan in the East Azerbaijan province on August 12, 2012.
Credit: Arash Khamooshi/ISNA/Reuters via

#5: Women’s Olympic Boxing

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“I picked this photograph because it captures a moment of power and a still image of ongoing history: this is the first time women have competed in boxing at the Olympics and it represents a big stride for female athletes internationally.”
Torie Rose DeGhett (@trdeghett)

#5: United States’ Marlen Esparza, left, fights Venezuela’s Karlha Magliocco in a women’s Olympic boxing match, Monday, Aug. 6, 2012, in London.
Credit: AP Photo/Mike Groll via Yahoo Sports.

#4: Bahrain Protests

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“I chose this photo because the continued protests and struggles in Bahrain still get such little press attention and this picture is particularly striking for its combination of serious content with dramatic lighting and colour.”
Torie Rose DeGhett (@trdeghett)

#4: A protester holds a molotov cocktail bomb during clashes with riot police in the village of Sitra, south of Manama, Bahrain, on July 30, 2012.
Credit: Mohammed Al-Shaikh / AFP – Getty Images via NBC.

#2: Free Syrian Army

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” I chose this particular photo because it’s one of those classic images of modern conflict: a young man and his machine gun against a backdrop of destruction. It places Syria in a visual narrative of war as we have come to recognize it.”
Torie Rose DeGhett (@trdeghett)

#2: A Free Syrian Army fighter carries a machine gun in Atareb.
Credit: Alessio Romenzi via the Telegraph.